Kailua-Kona Island in Hawaii is famous for coffee, scuba diving, volcanoes, and more, but it still has its share of mysteries. First-time travelers to Kona are immediately overwhelmed by the haunting beauty of the barren lava fields juxtaposed with aquamarine waters, the lush green palms of tropical island breezes, and the rough mountains of the sunny Leeward Coast.  Buying a luxury home in this island to enjoy its beauty is a dream for many in the USA. The beauty of this Big Island lies in the fascinating facts of every city and towns that make many HNIs buy a luxury residence as their vacation home.

Unique Crops

Hawaii is the only state in the USA to produce coffee, vanilla beans, and cocoa. Fertile volcanic soil, cool mountain nights, and warm sunny days are ideal for coffee trees. The beans grown here are widely sought after for their smooth taste and low acidity, making them one of the rarest and most costly in the world. The cocoa plant – from which chocolate is produced – also thrives here, thanks to Hawaii’s unique location in the global “chocolate band” of the required temperatures, rainfall, and elevation. The Hawaiian Vanilla Co. and its small farm of 20 acres are taking advantage of the plentiful rains of the Hamakua coast and the devoted farmers who pollinate every flower within 12 hours of its blooming.

A Side of Ranch on Kona Island

The western US is famous for its vast tracts of land, and the largest cattle ranch in the country can be found right here in Hawaii? The Parker Ranch, at 480,000 acres, is two-thirds the size of O’ahu Island, and the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the USA, stretching from the coast of Kona to Waimea. If you reside in Kona, it will be easy for you to visit these famous places.

A Beach by Any Other Color

Hawaii is popular for its white-sand beaches, but do you realize that they even come in many colors? Head either up the Kona coast and you can experience the enchanting black sands of the beaches of Hawi (north) and Punalu’u (south), made of lava that was instantly pulverized as it entered the cool ocean waters. Papakolea Beach on the South Point is a green sandy beach with an isolated pocket of olivine (a green mineral) present in the local cinder cone that was washed away by wave action 49,000 years ago. It’s one of only two green sand beaches in the world.

Go South

The southern tip of the Big Island, Ka Lae, is the southernmost point in the United States. This windswept peninsula offers an uninterrupted view of the seemingly endless Pacific Ocean, and the brave can jump from the 40-foot cliffs to the waiting waters below. Just be careful, walking back up the cliffside on the rusty metal ladder is when the fun truly starts!

Hello, Guv’nor

Not all of Big Island is in the United States. 5,000 square-foot plot of land in Kealakekua Bay was given to the United Kingdom for the purpose of erecting a memorial to Captain James Cook, the first Westerner to step foot in these Islands.

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